About Us

Mayfield and Easthouses Development Trust  (MAEDT) was set up in 2006 following extensive community consultation with the local communities of Mayfield and Easthouses in Midlothian.  Following the cosultation, the community decided to set up a steering group, from which MAEDT was born.  MAEDT was then made into a charity and a company limited by guarantee and we started to secure premises.  In 2007 we opened the doors of the MAEDT Centre and in 2008 we appointed our Development Worker to lead our staff team.  Since then MAEDT has set up local services and projects to meet the needs of our local community.  We aim to meet the Social, Ecomomic, Cultural and Environmental needs of our community.  MAEDT was set up by, is run by and works for the community to which we serve.
Our Mission Statement
Mayfield and Eastohuses Development Trust (MAEDT) aims to achieve the sustainable regeneration of our community through addressing the Economic, Social, Environmental and Cultural needs of the Mayfield and Easthouses Community.
 To achieve the sustainable regeneration of Mayfield and Easthouses by:
  •  Providing a hub for the local community.
  • Responding to economic, social, environmental and cultural needs.
  • Responding to opportunities that become available to the community.
  • Working in partnership with Midlothian Council and other agencies for the benefit of Mayfield and Easthouses.
  • Continually consulting local residents and giving our community a voice.


Our latest accounts are published below  just click on the link.