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Welcome to Mayfield and Easthouses Development Trust. Our website houses all the information on who we are, our objectives, news, updates and information about the projects you can support and get involved in. A Development Trust is an organisation that is community based, owned and managed. MAEDT was formed in 2007 and aims to achieve the sustainable regeneration of the community through addressing the economic, social, environmental and cultural needs of the Mayfield and Easthouses community.

MAEDT aims to do this by: 

- Providing a hub for the local community 

- Responding to economic, social, environmental and cultural needs 

- Responding to opportunities that become available to the community 

- Working in partnership with the community and other agencies for the benefit of Mayfield and     Easthouses 

- Continually consulting local resident's and giving our community a voice 


Mayfield and Easthouses Development Trust

Making It Happen 

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters and funders. Without the support of our members, funders and general donations, Mayfield and Easthouses Development Trust (MAEDT) would not be able to continue to support the work of developing sustainable regeneration of the Mayfield and Easthouses area in Midlothian. We would also not be able to provide the various projects which meets the needs of our community. 

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Kevin Bridges!! - Raffle Tickets available from MAEDT Hub until 2nd September £2 per ticket

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