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The MAEDT Community Hub is now based at 14-15 Bogwood Court, Mayfield, following a move to a larger base in June 2021. The Hub functions as the Trust's office as well as a drop-in service for the community. The vision for the Hub is it for to be a one-stop shop where the community can access support and information. The MAEDT Hub is also home to the Community Food Pantry. 

MAEDT is growing, offering a variety of support to our community through the projects being delivered. New developments this year are sustaining the regeneration and recovery of our community following the pandemic. The number of people we are working with is growing as the weeks go by and together we really feel that Mayfield and Easthouses can realise it's potential. 


The MAEDT Hub also operates a satellite foodbank for residents of Mayfield and Easthouses to collect emergency food supplies. Referrals are made to Midlothian Foodbank via the usual referral channels but instead of travelling to Gorebridge it can be collected from the MAEDT Hub. 

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