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Mayfield and Easthouses Community Resilience Group 

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Following the announcement of a National Lockdown on the 23rd March 2021, Mayfield & Easthouses Development Trust and Mayfield & Easthouses Community Council met on Saturday 28th March and were ready to support vulnerable residents of Mayfield and Easthouses throughout lockdown. 

Mayfield Community Centre allowed the team of volunteers to use the centre to cook and set up a co-ordinated effort to support the community in a variety of ways. 

Brem from Court Caterers volunteered to cook meals and was supported by 4 volunteers. Demand for cooked meals grew and reached 750 per week. This continued until mid September and as a result a total of 13,327 meals were cooked and delivered. 

Meals took the form of - 

Monday - Soup and a Main Meal 

Wednesday - Main Meal and Dessert with fruit 

Friday Soup and a Main Meal and a cake 

Angela from Morrelli's Takeaway supplied 3 bags of potatoes and each week and we estimate around 86,000 potatoes were peeled during the lockdown period. 

Volunteers delivered prescriptions, emergency food and collected shopping from supermarkets as well as Click and Collect orders. Mayfield and Easthouses really looked after their own community to the best of their ability. 

Funding allowed MAEDT to purchase 300 Litter Picks and soon these were able to be borrowed by people out walking who wanted to help keep the area tidy. 

As the Gala Day was cancelled the volunteers made up 700 Goody bags and these were shared for the children and left overs donated to people living in the sheltered housing. Stone's were handed out for the wee ones to paint as an activity at home. 

Residents who were shielding needed access to safety items so packs were delivered which included Masks, hand sanitizer, the Citizen's Advice Bureau recipe book, lifting lockdown information booklets and hand written postcards from children at the School Hub 




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